Hallie Rose

Author. Speaker. Coach.

Host of The Thought Room

CEO of Lunar Wild  

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Things I Do

Hallie Rose

- Coaching & Mentorship

- Conscious Lifestyle & Spirituality

- Relationships & Communication

-Meditations & Online Courses

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Thought Room Podcast

- Host & Storyteller: I interview world renown thought leaders

-Musicians, mathematicians, life coaches, psychonauts, PhDs, professional athletes,

-Writing, Speaking & Events

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Lunar Wild

- Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of Womanhood

- Girls Empowerment & Sexual Education

- First Period Gift Boxes for a Better First Period Experience!

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Hey. I made you something.

It's a meditation called 5 Minutes to Freedom. Perfect for both first-timers & all you heavily meditated folk. Oh...and did I mention it's FREE? ;)

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